Simulated Crane Training in Southern Africa

Posted on 9 May 2012 by Dover Simulators

Simulated Crane Training

Crane operators are becoming very scarce in the South African construction and mining industry. With such a high demand for skilled operators, Dover
Simulators have launched a new range of low cost crane operator training simulators which comply with international training standards.

Dover’s crane simulators, as well as our other construction related simulators utilize accredited Canadian simulator training SIMLOG software. The simulated crane training is geared towards teaching new operators accurate handling and maneuvering, as well as learning critical crane operating skills in a simulated Tower or Mobile crane environment. We offer our training systems in a variety of setup options specifically designed for your company’s unique training needs, ranging from our level 1 classroom setup, to a Level 3 mobile training unit with cabin environment.

Dover’s crane simulators, as with all our simulators are compatible and work together with the Dover Test which identifies candidates for training, and complies with Government regulation for evaluation of operators of lifting equipment.

Dover Simulators are not intended to replace the large costly OEM simulators, or even real equipment training. Dover Simulators are procedural trainers designed to familiarize new potential operators with the basic handling requirements. Dover Simulators aim is to help shorten and improve the training process leading to highly skilled operators needed for today’s construction and mining industry.